Apple Posts Showcase Of Baldur's Gate

Thanks to Macsurferis for pointing us to a new feature story at Appleis Web site. Apple has posted a showcase of Balduris Gate, the enormously popular Role Playing Game (RPG) from GraphSim. Titled "Never Ending Stories: Balduris Gate," the article talks about how Balduris Gate came about, how game play works, and includes interviews with the people who worked on the port. Brad Cook, the author of the piece, also talks to Jason Whong of MacPlay, the company bringing Balduris Gate 2 to the Mac. From the article:

Ever dream of being a mighty warrior slaying dragons or an ancient wizard casting powerful spells or a lithe elf slinging arrows at an army of goblins?

Lots of people have, which is why Dungeons and Dragons is one of the most popular games of the past 30 years. Not only has the pencil-and-paper version of D&D enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to the recently released 3rd edition rules, but the computer version has never been better than in Baldur’s Gate. Now you can play the character of your choice and embark on an exciting journey every time you power up your Mac.

Thereis a whole lot more to this piece, including some screen shots, and we recommend you check it out.