Apple Posts Signature iPods From Tony Hawk, Beck, & Madonna

Would you pay extra to have Beckis name on your iPod? How about Madonna? Tony Hawk? Thanks to some eagle-eyed members of the TMO forums, that question has relevance today. On Appleis iPod promo site, the company has listed three new signature iPods, from Beck, Madonna, and Tony Hawk. Those Web pages:

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Beckis Limited Edition iPod page

Madonnais Limited Edition iPod page

Tony Hawkis Limited Edition iPod page

As of this writing, there is no official word from Apple on the new iPods, but we expect an announcement from the company in due order. Pricing for the limited edition units is US$49 more for each size. The 5 GB model is priced at US$348, the 10 GB unit at US$448, and the 20 GB iPod at US$548.

There arenit currently any links to the pages from the Apple Store or the main Apple Promo page, but you can find the pages at the following links: Beckis iPod, Madonnais iPod, and Tony Hawkis iPod.