Apple Posts Still More 'Switch' Stories

Some of the busiest people at 1 Infinite Loop these day, besides Steve Jobs and the OS X programmers, have got to be the folks who handle incoming mail. Since Apple started asking for iSwitchi stories, theyive been inundated with thousands of tales from people whoive decided to drop ( in some cases, drop-kick) their PCs and buy a Mac. Apple has updated its iSwitchi site with more stories from these Mac newcomers. Hereis a sample:

"We fell in love with the new Aqua interface and thought that the Macs were user friendly and ideal for our digital pictures, video editing, CD-burning, etc. Plus, the addition of an iPod could put music right into our hands. We ordered the new 800 mhz iMac, but couldn?t wait for it to get to us, so we also bought a 600 Mhz iBook." -MG

"When I got my iBook, I was astounded ? it was the first computer I?d ever had that booted up cleanly on the first try, unlike my PCs. I was used to OS 9 already, so I tried OS X ? and was stunned by its ease of use and clean interface. And I had my UNIX command line! The thought of a Mac with a command line was astonishing, but there it was! As a result, I use my iBook almost 3-to-1 compared to my PC. I have been so pleased with my switch!" -MB

"I had never used a Mac before in my life. I was a die-hard Windows fan, from Windows 3.1 up until Windows 2000. I used to see Mac people driving on the freeway with their little Apple stickers all over the back of their cars and think to myself, these people are nuts, I could never do that. I mean, after all, it?s only a computer, right?! I would soon prove myself wrong." -NH

If you havenit dropped by Appleis iSwtichi site, you really should, there are some really interesting stories. Check it out.