Apple Posts iLife '05 Up-to-Date Qualifying Macs [UPDATED]

Apple Computer has published a list of computers that are eligible for an Up-to-Date update for iLife i05, the newest version of Appleis popular digital creativity suite. Announced Tuesday, January 11th, iLife i05 will ship on January 22nd for US$79. The Up-to-Date update is priced at $19.95.

The Up-to-Date offer is valid until March 25, 2005, and Apple currently lists some 40 Macs that are eligible. As noted by the Guest below, however, to be eligible for the program, one must have purchased oneis Mac since January 11th, 2005. In other words, the Up-to-Date program covers only those new Macs that were in the channel before Apple upgraded to iLife i05, and were bought after Apple announced the new version.

You can find more information and forms to download for the program at Appleis iLife Up-to-Date Web page.