Apple Posts iTunes Installer To iDisk

Appleis recently announced iTunes music program has proven to be incredibly popular over the last 24 hours, while also proving to be difficult to download. Many readers, and several Mac Observer staff members, had a difficult time successfully getting the installer from Appleis servers. Fear not, however, as Apple has also placed the iTunes installer in the new iDisk "Software" folder.

For those that missed it, Apple has enhanced the crown jewel of their iTools Internet suite, iDisk, by including a folder containing a number of popular software titles for OS X. The OS 9 software folder was suspiciously bleak, with only DiskCopy being available. However, as of yesterday afternoon, iTunes can now also be zapped if you are an iTools member.

If you are not an iTools member, you can register for free at the Apple web site. Once there, you can also find more information about iTunes.