Apple Preps Booth For "Big Surprise"

PARIS - As anticipation heightens for the opening of Apple Expo in Paris next Tuesday, Apple and over 200 other companies are preparing their booths at the Paris Expo convention center. All of the focus, however, is on Apple and a black-draped sign being constructed in its booth that many are betting is a promotional banner for its new iMac.

On hand Friday as carpenters and builders put their handy work to full use, a large banner was being hoisted to the ceiling in Appleis booth (see photo below), draped in black. When asked what the banner was all about, a booth electrician told The Mac Observer, "Oh, itis the big surprise. We donit even know what it is. We were asked to leave the hall when the began to construct it."

The keynote for Apple Expo will be given by Apple VP Phil Schiller, and leading up to the Paris event, media outlets and tech analysts have reported that Apple is expected to introduce the iMac G5 at the Expo. Apple announced in July that it would introduce the iMac G5 in September.

The Mac Observer is on hand for Apple Expo, and will be covering the keynote and the show floor in detail. 70,000 people are expected to attend this yearis show.