Apple Product Manager Responds to Darwin Speculation

Responding to a column by Tom Yager that Apple will not release the Mac OS X kernel source code for Intel-based Macs, Apple product manager Ernie Prabhaker said on one of the companyis mailing lists: "Nothing has been announced, so he (and everyone else) certainly has the right to speculate. But please donit confuse ispeculationi with ifact.i"

He also wrote: ". We continue to release *all* the Darwin sources for our PowerPC systems, and so far has released all the non-kernel Darwin sources for Intel."

Last Wednesday, Mr. Yager speculated that Apple wasnit going to release the source code for the Mac OS X kernel on Intel processors because of piracy fears. However, he pointed out that, as Mr. Prabhaker said, Appleis policy on the matter wasnit set yet, and he hoped the company settles on "a strategy that favors demanding users and developers."

Thanks to Macworld UK for the link.