Apple Public E-mail List Server Upgraded, MKLinux Lists Suffer

The Apple Public Lists server is undergoing some maintenance and upgrades, and service will be effected for the next few days. Among the list topic most impacted are the MKLinux lists. According to List Administrator Chuq Von Rospach:

im the person who runs the list server for Apple. We are in process of a major hardware/software upgrade on that server. This note is to let you know what is happening and what to expect.

Starting on Friday, October 27, the server will be unavailable while we upgrade it. As part of this upgrade, weive looked at all of the lists run on the server and decided to discontinue a number of lists, rename some to better reflect their purpose. We expect the upgrade to start sometime around 9AM Friday and take most of the day.

To simplify Fridayis upgrade, we are removing the archives for the time being so we can clean them up and get them ready for the new server. They should be back on-line sometime next week.

Here are the changes we are making to the mklinux-* lists:

  • mklinux-announce remains the same.
  • mklinux-development-system is being renamed mklinux-development
  • mklinux-setup is being renamed mklinux-users

The following lists are being discontinued. Discontinued lists will be shut down today (Wednesday), shortly after we send this message and distribute the final digests.:

  • mklinux-advocacy
  • mklinux-development-apps
  • mklinux-hardware
  • mklinux-misc
  • mklinux-networking
  • mklinux-x

We hope to minimize the disruption this upgrade causes. During the upgrade, youill receive a subscription notice as we add you into the new server, but please donit assume the server is up until we send a note to the lists letting you know the upgrade is complete. During the upgrade, mail sent to the server will probably bounce.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me (but itis a busy time, so I hope youill be understanding if I donit respond until after Friday...)

You can contact Chuq Von Rospach for more information.