Apple Puts Pressure On Australian Telco To Change Name

November 30th saw a article regarding one Green Communications, formerly Apple Communications, and its recent legal wranglings with Apple Computer over the use of the name. According to the article, the company formerly known as Apple Communications -- a telecommunications company set up to rival Orange -- was ordered to pay $100,000 AUD to Apple Computer as compensation for lost income. The article quotes:

"Itis just ridiculous," Mr Cheng said. "My logo was based on the Granny Smith [apple]. Theirs is a red apple with a bite out of it and a leaf on top. I sell digital communications and they sell computer hardware. Whereis the connection?"

Apple Computer Australia says itis simple: The company has owned the global naming rights of the popular fruit since the computer boom of the early 1980s.

The only exception is made for fruiterers, although a quick glance through the phone book turns up any number of possible offenders.

"My advice is that because of various trademark lodgments in Australia, up to 20 years ago, the word iapplei can only be used legally by greengrocers and a giant US computer manufacturer," Mr Cheng said.

Apple Communications is now known as Green Communications, while Apple Computer Australia made no comment on the article. You can read the article in full at