Apple Redesigns Apple Store Front (With Comparison Screen Shots)

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Along with the quietly revved iBook Apple rolled out this morning, the company also unveiled a new, more cluttered look for its online Apple Store. The company has replaced the clean, simple interface that left many peripherals, software titles, and other accessories hard to find, with an interface that more prominently displays those items. Appleis own hardware offerings have been down played in the new design in order to accommodate the new arrangement.

The new Apple Store online store front includes listings for all of Appleis main software offerings, software from third parties, third party items such as the Brenthaven PowerBook cases Apple has been pushing, FireWire drives, games, .Mac, cameras, and other offerings. We should also note that the section at the top of the screen shot below (the new Apple store, on the right) that features an ad for ATIis products is a rotating spot.

The old Apple Store
(Click the image above for the
(very large) full sized version)

The Apple Storeis new look
(Click the image above for the
(very large) full sized version)

You can see the new store at Appleis Web site. Navigation through the individual products remains the same, retaining the simple interface Apple used before.

Thanks to Observer Rich Hudgins for the heads up on the changes.

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