Apple Releases AppleWorks 6.1 For Mac & Windows, Emphasizes Education Uses

Apple has released AppleWorks 6.1, trumpeting its support for both Mac OS and Windows. The newest version of Appleis office software suite is also supposed to read Microsoft Word and Excel files. The update also includes a new OS X-native preview version. Apple is also stressing this versionis network compatibility and cross-platform support:

Apple® today announced AppleWorks® 6.1, an update to Appleis award-winning integrated productivity application. AppleWorks 6.1 now features DataViz MacLinkPlus translators allowing users to easily view, modify, share and exchange Microsoft Office documents. A special edition of AppleWorks 6.1 exclusively for educators features support for both Mac® and Windows computers.

AppleWorks 6.1, available for Mac® OS 9 and in a Mac OS X preview version, is perfect for schools with mixed platform environments. Teachers and students can now create and access files from almost any computer at home or in school. In addition to supporting both Mac and Windows platforms and easy exchange with Microsoft Word and Excel users, AppleWorks 6.1 also works well in TCP/IP, AppleTalk®, and Novell networked environments.

AppleWorks 6.1 provides educators with the building blocks to create multimedia curricula and resources for students to express their ideas most effectively. It combines word processing, page layout, image manipulation, spreadsheets, databases and presentations in a single application. AppleWorks 6.1 also includes a library of Internet based education-specific templates, designed by educators.

An updater is available immediately as a free download to all Mac users currently running AW 6.0.4. The updater includes a special preview version of AppleWorks 6.1 for Mac OS X. A retail package including versions for both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X operating systems is expected to be available in spring 2001.

AppleWorks has pleasantly tame system requirements, requiring only OS 8.1 and 24MB of physical RAM on the Mac, or Windows 95 (or later) and 32MB RAM on the PC. Version 6.1 is available for free download at Appleis Web site. Education orders are expected to ship in May. You can find more information on AppleWorks at Appleis Web site.