Apple Releases Feature-Rich Update To AirPort

Apple has released an update for AirPort. Though given only a small-point version number, version 2.0.4, the new version of AirPort has some fairly major new features. It brings support for AOL connections to first generation AirPort base stations, allows users to dial *into* the base station, and hence the computers connected to it, through a PPP connection, offers new support for a Windows protocol, and enhances port mapping. From the release notes:

AirPort 2.0.4 software works with all versions of AirPort cards and base stations. If you are using AirPort 2.0.4 with earlier versions of the Apple AirPort Card and/or Apple AirPort Base Station, your hardware may be upgraded with new features and capabilities.

New Features in AirPort 2.0.4

  • The AirPort Setup Assistant configures the base station with America Online (AOL) account information and configures the AOL client with the correct location and AirPort settings.
  • The ability to dial into the base station through a standard PPP phone connection, allowing remote access to the base station and the computers on the AirPort wireless and wired network.
  • Compatible with Windows clients that use Point PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) or IPSec (without authenticated headers) style VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Supports multiple connections to port mapped services.

You can get the update through the Software Update Control Panel in Mac OS X; the file is 4.1 MB in size. As of this writing, Apple does not seem to have added this update to the support site at