Apple Releases Patch For WebObjects For Windows 2000

Apple has released a fix for a Windows 2000-only problem with WebObjects. The fix is called WOLauncher.exe, and it deals with problems concerning the limitation of DOS commands from within Windows 2000. From the AppleCare Knowledge Base site:


On Microsoft Windows 2000, a WebObjects application linked to several frameworks may not open or "launch".

Limitations of DOS Commands

MS-DOS commands are limited to 2048 characters. So, when a Windows 2000 WebObjects application is linked to several frameworks, it may fail to run because the classpath generated is too long for the Windows launch script to handle properly.

For example, the following error message is generated when the classpath is too long:

> Running iTestLengthWebApp.woai... Configuring launch environment for TestLengthWebApp ... The input line is too long. The classpath is still too long for Windows command scripting to process. Please use the SUBPATHS.TXT file to specify a more appropriate set of paths to substitute. Use the longest paths, particularly if they are common, and eliminate any paths in SUBPATHS.TXT that you arenit actually using in your classpath file. Further, eliminate any paths from the classpath file that that you donit really need, e.g. "WOROOT/Library/Java". Terminating! Press any key to continue . . .

You can find more information and download links for the patch at the AppleCare Knowledge Base site.