Apple Releases Safari 3.0.2 Beta Update for Mac and Windows

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Along with a security update for Mac OS X, Apple released a new update for the Safari 3 public beta on Friday. The Safari 3.0.2 beta update addresses security and stability issues for both Mac OS X and Windows.

The Mac version of the update fixed WebCore and WebKit security-related issues along with performance issues in Mail and iChat, improved Dashboard and widget compatibility, and fixed a BBEdit-related stability issue.

The Windows version addressed security issues where the contents of the address bar could be changed without loading the contents of the corresponding page allowing a maliciously-crafted Web site to control the contents of the address bar, and XMLHttpRequests could be manipulated to allow cross-site requests to malicious Web sites.

Safari 3.0.2 beta is free for Mac OS X and Windows XP and Vista users. The new version is available for download at the Apple Web site.

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