Apple Releases Stealth Update For AirPort To Version 1.3

Observer "Smoky" sent us a note alerting us about AirPort 1.3. Apple has released the update without any fanfare, and in fact, we had to get a link to it from the good folks at VersionTracker, as Apple has not acknowledged the new release as of yet. The new release includes support for POPoE and DHCP Client IDs, and a host of other new features. First, our note from Observer Smoky:

Seems that Apple put up AirPort 1.3 at some point yesterday. The features that should have high-speed users excited since there is now support for PPPoE and DHCP client IDs (which my ISP uses). Oddly, doesnit show up in Software Update (yet) which is why I didnit catch it sooner.

(Comparing old and new admin utility screens)

When you run the new AirPort Admin, it will automatically update the base station so that it supports a pile of new features. On the basic AirPort screen, you can set Station Density (useful to fine tune areas with lots of base stations) Multicast Rate and Enable Interference Robustness. On the Network screen, you can now set the DHCP lease time.

Thanks for the info Smoky! The following is from Appleis Web site.

New features in AirPort 1.3
  • With the addition of Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) and DHCP client ID support, AirPort 1.3 incorporates functionality that may be required by some Internet Service Providers.
  • The AirPort Base Station and AirPort Card have been awarded Wi-FiTM certification. Wi-FiTM certification ensures interoperability between various manufacturersi wireless networking products.
  • Enhancements to Computer-to-Computer mode enable each temporary local network of multiple computers to have a network name, to be easily located in a list of available networks, and to add WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) to the network.
  • Scripting ability and sample AppleScripts are now available. For example, scripts can be written to switch network setups between home, work, and off site locations or to simplify dialing different ISPs for multiple users like mom, dad, and the kids.
  • For education and enterprise customers, access point density adjustments have been provided for better performance in environments with several base stations close to each other.

For more information on the new features in AirPort 1.3, see AirPort Help in the Help Center, available in the Help menu.

PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet)

AirPort 1.3 supports PPPoE, a method of connecting to the Internet required by some cable and DSL Internet service providers. If your ISP provided you with a PPPoE connection application, such as EnterNet or MacPoET, then you connect via PPPoE. With AirPort, you do not need to use a third-party PPPoE connection application.

If youid like to provide feedback on AirPortis PPPoE support, send e-mail to Please read Appleis Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy before you send us your feedback. To read the policy, go to

You can find more information, including donwload links and installation instructions at Appleis Web site.