Apple Releases Update For PowerMac G4 AGP Machines

Apple has released another update labeled for "PowerMac G4 AGP" machines. The update is designed to improve the reliability of the rage 128 Pro AGP graphics card that shipped in these systems. According to Apple:

About Your Power Mac G4 AGP Update

The Power Mac G4 AGP Update increases the reliability of the Rage 128 Pro graphics card in Power Mac G4 computers.

OS Required
English - North American Mac OS 9.0.4 or later

Hardware Required
PowerMac G4

We attempted to run the update on a single processor PowerMac G4 AGP with the Rage 128 Pro and the installer informed us that this machine did not need the update. Similar to an update released earlier this month, this release could be for multi-processor PowerMac G4s only, though the documentation says nothing to this affect. However, with the update being smart enough to know where it can and canit be used, you should not have any trouble if you check it on your G4.

You can find more information on the update at Appleis Web site.