Apple Reps Coming To A User Group Near You

Apple is currently in the midst of a User Group tour, and they could be coming to a group near you sometime soon. Making an effort to meet with many of Appleis most loyal customers, the Apple User Group Tour provides Mac users with a rare chance to chat one-on-one with Apple personnel. According to The MUG Center:

Appleis User Group Tour rolls on! Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra has notified us of new dates and presentations for the June leg of the tour, and the MUG Event Calendar has been updated. See if they are coming to a group near you!

This Wednesday on The User Group Focus on The Mac Show, user group members Louise Dawson of the Leisure World MUG and Tom Mokwa of The Savannah Macintosh User Group won prizes supplied by Aladdin Systems and Casady & Greene. You could be next! Mark your calendar to listen next month!

The Coming Week On The MUG Event Calendar:

June 12
Cowtown MUG - MacOS X presentation by Mike Sebastian of Apple

New Hampshire Seacoast Mac Users Group - MacOS X presentation by DaveMarra of Apple

June 14
Rhode Island MUG - MacOS X presentation by Dava Marra of Apple

You can find more User Group related information at the MUG Center Web site.