Apple Retail Store Employees Move Swiftly To Pull PC-Only Title From Mac Games Section

Every once in a while, life delivers a little shock when you just didnit expect it. Observer Max Gutnik stood in a nexus of that kind of surprise when he took a visit to the new Apple retail store in Glendale, California. Mr. Gutnik was perusing the software titles at the Apple Store when he noticed a PC-only game sitting on the shelves. According to Mr. Gutnik:

Hello fellow Observers:

As I was browsing the Glendale Galleria Apple store looking for a cool new game, I came upon "Vampire, the Masquerade." I was not aware this title was available for the Mac and guess what... Itis not.

Only Windows machines are supported on this title, according to the specs on the box. When I pointed this out to one of the very helpful Apple Store employees, she was a little bit taken aback and quickly went to her supervisor to ask for clarification. Within two minutes the two of them pulled all six boxes of Vampire off the shelf, confirming that the title is indeed PC only and should not be a stocking item in the Apple store.

Kind of a silly mistake. Either Apple received the wrong version from the vendor or somebody in purchasing was sleeping on the job....

Max Gutnik

Oops! According to Activision, the gameis publisher, there is no Mac version of Vampire, the Masquerade. In fact, they only list two titles they publish as being Mac compatible, Quake II, and Quake III Arena. Thanks for the note Max!