Apple Revamps MUG Section Of Their Site

Apple Computer has updated the user group section of their Web site. The new design makes it easier for a user to find a user group to join, as well as providing detailed information about Appleis user group program. According to the MUG Center:

Apple recently re-designed and updated the user group section of theirweb site. Revisions include:

  • User Group Program FAQ
  • Apple User Group Locator
  • User Group Mailing Lists
  • Appleis User Group Advisory Board
  • Appleis User Group Regional Liaisons
  • User Group Activities Calendar

The "Appleis MUG Resources" portion of The MUG Centeris "Operating A MUG" section has been updated and expanded with the new information and links.

MacCentral has posted photos from Macworld Tokyo. What is the very first picture in the portfolio? The Apple User Group Booth, of course!

You can find a wealth of user group information at the MUG Center Web site.