Apple Rolls Out Beta Version Of Web-Based E-mail

Apple has rolled out a beta test version of Web-based e-mail, meaning that you can check your e-mail accounts from a Web browser. Since Apple first unveiled POP3-based e-mail accounts, many Mac users have wanted Apple to also offer a browser-based solution. The company has now done so, though in beta form. The new system is called Webmail.

The Mac Observer has not yet tested the system, but the interface is as clean and intuitive as one might expect from an Apple designed solution. Better yet, and much to Yahoo!is probable dismay, there are no ads to clutter up your e-mail useage.

The mention at the e-mail page
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The main Webmail page
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Apple is asking for users to try Webmail and submit feedback. From the mention on the main iTools e-mail page:

With new Webmail, you can access you email [sic] account from any computer. Try the beta version, then send your feedback to

You can find Webmail at Appleis iTools site. Thanks to TMO Forum member CrazyOne for alerting us about this.