Apple Rolls Out Holiday Gift Guide For Mac Users

Apple has rolled out a "Holiday Gift Guide," just in time for, well, the holidays. The Gift Guide features a snowy Christmas-esque design (without offending those who do not celebrate the religious holiday), and links to several products at the Apple Store from Apple as well as third party manufacturers. While those products arenit discounted, Apple has included several lists of gift suggestions for certain price ranges (Under $25,Under $50, Under $100, Under $200, Under $300, and Over $300) under the heading of "Gift Suggestions by Price," each with several products and links to purchasing that product. This is designed to make shopping for Mac users easier.

There are additional lists of products by type (Gadget, Kids, Travelers, Artists, Gamers, Switchers, Home, and Ultimate), and three Digital Lifestyle categories (Music, Movies, and Photos).

Each of the categories includes hardware, gadget, and software choices like the very cool Kensington FlyLight USB light for US$19.95 on the low end, to the 5-megapixel Minolta DiMAGE 7i Digital Camera for US$999 on the high end. The categories currently feature 6 products with images, with an additional 10 products listed below that. The home page for the guide features a mixture of Apple and third party products.

You can find the Holiday Gift Guide at Appleis Web site.