Apple SEC Filing: Jobs Makes His Dollar

Apple filed a proxy statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday that lists the 2005 compensation of several key employees, including Steve Jobs. Despite the companyis performance, Mr. Jobs didnit get a raise last year, and drew in his usual US$1 salary without any bonuses. His stock options, however, should keep him from going hungry.

The report states that Mr. Jobs has 10 million restricted shares that become fully vested later this year. They were valued at $532 million at the end of fiscal 2005.

Because of Appleis internal review cycle, none of the executive officers received raises in 2005, even though many are paid significantly below market. They will, however, see their raises in the next fiscal year.

Timothy Cook, Chief Operating Officer, made $602,434 for the year, plus a $600,239 bonus.

Ronald B. Johnson, Senior Vice President, Retail, earned $552,795, along with a $550,202 bonus.

Peter Oppenheimer, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, received a salary of $552,189, and a $550,202 bonus.

Jonathan Rubenstein, Senior Vice President, iPod Division, earned $552,795, and also received a $551,239 bonus.

Bonuses are tied to company performance, and this is the first time in several years that Mr. Cook, Mr. Oppenheimer, and Mr. Rubenstein received one.

Apple stock is currently trading at $65.50, down 0.18 (0.27%) in the pre-market.

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