Apple Sees 48% Year-on-Year Market Growth in European, Middle Eastern, African Markets

Macworld UK has published an article that notes that Apple saw 48% growth in its second quarter 2005 market share in the European, Middle Eastern and African (EAMA) markets, in contrast with 23% growth for the PC market as a whole. The Web site cites IDC sales numbers showing that only Acer grew at a faster 68.4% rate, while arch-competitor Dell saw 32% growth.

HP led the way, shipping almost 2.5 million units and seeing 20.8% growth compared to last year. Dell was second with 1.9 million PCs while Apple shipped 283,000 Macs for 2% of the market. Macworld UKis article quotes IDC analyst Ian Gibbs as saying: "Appleis desktop growth has been particularly strong -- much stronger than its notebook segment."

IDC expects to see that overall robust sales growth trend to continue "due to notebook sales, though in revenue terms forecasts are likely to remain flat, due to the price-driven nature of the current marketplace."