Apple Sells 216,000 iPods In December Quarter, Half To Windows Users

Apple announced today that it sold some 216,000 iPods during the December quarter. Apple CFO Fred Anderson didnit offer a breakdown on which models sold in what quantities, but he did say that some 50% of those units were for Windows.

Looking at revenues, assuming an average selling price for Apple of about US$320 per unit for the company, and that is strictly an educated guess, iPod sales contributed some US$69,120,000 to the companyis coffers. Half of that figure came from Wintel users.

Mr. Anderson specifically cited Appleis renewed sales agreement with retailing giant Best Buy as having contributed to the increased sales of iPod. Mr. Anderson made a point of singling out Best Buyis sales of Windows iPod units as having been particularly strong, the inference being that Mac iPod sales through the electronics store were not as strong. Considering Best Buyis traditional dismal performance when selling Macs, that comes as no surprise. Best Buy currently sells only Appleis iPod product line, for both Mac and Windows.

Conspicuously absent from todayis press conference was a mention of Target, another retailer with whom Apple announced a deal to sell iPods in during the December quarter. Mr. Anderson also didnit mention CompUSA iPod sales, though he did say that overall sales at the computer reseller chain were higher.