Apple Sets the Bar at CES

Even though Apple isnit at CES, its spirit pervades the expo from the expo floor, to the high-profile keynotes. Apple, it seems, is the mark everyone is being held up to.

Sonyis new e-reader, which lets users download books to a thin tablet-sized device, is being compared to the iTunes/iPod business model. Sony plans to sell downloadable ebooks through its Connect Service, but make most of its revenue through hardware sales.

Google and Yahoo! are seen as Apple followers with their video download services, both announced this week.

Microsoftis Bill Gates took the stage on Wednesday to show off its home entertainment media systems and the upcoming Windows Vista. His presentation, a Forbes story claims, was gauged according to Steve Jobsi Macworld Expo keynotes. One tech executive commented that Bill Gatesi presentation was "his attempt to out-Job Jobs, and it didnit work."