Apple Settle OS X On G3 Lawsuit

Those of you with Bondi Blue iMacs who bought OS X after buying Appleis promise that the OS would be optimized to run on your Mac had some serious gripes about that promise. Many were so ticked at Apple that they launched a class-action lawsuit back in February of 2002. Now, MacWorld UK is reporting that Apple has tentatively settled the suit by offering to refund the cost of the OS to owners of certain G3 powered Macs. From the MacWorld article Apple settles G3 class-action suit:

A conditional settlement has been reached in the class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of G3 users by law firm King & Ferlauto, reports MacCentral .

The suit centred on claims that Apple failed to support certain G3 models with the same Mac OS X performance enjoyed by G4s.

The allegations concern an 1998 Apple press release in which it promised: "Mac OS X will? be fully optimized for Appleis PowerPC G3-based computers."

If approved by the courts, Apple must refund the cost of Mac OS X ? up to US$129 ? to those who return their CDs.

The agreement covers Bondi Blue and fruit-coloured tray-loading iMacs, as well as several generations of Power Mac G3s, older iBooks, and PowerBook G3s. It applies only to US end-users who purchased OS X on or before May 15, 2003.

Read the full article at Macworld UK.