Apple Settles 17-inch Display Suit

Apple Computer has settled in a class action lawsuit that claims there is a defect in the companyis 17-inch LCD Studio Display. The Allen v Apple Class Action suit claimed that the inverter board in the display was faulty, causing half of the display to dim and the power light to constantly blink.

Members of the suit alleged that a significant number of the displays exhibited the problem, and that Apple failed to acknowledge that there was a design defect.

Under the terms of the settlement, qualifying class action members are entitled to a specific reimbursement for costs incurred to have the display repaired.

Apple first started selling the 17-inch Studio Display in May of 2001, and the problem began appearing within months. A thread on Appleis discussion boards followed the issue, but Apple did not acknowledge that there was a wide-spread problem.

Additional information about the class action lawsuit is available at the Allen v Apple Class Action Settlement Web site, and a detailed account of one owneris experience is available at Michael Wyszomierskiis Web site.