Apple Settles Second Lawsuit Over Tiger Leaks

Apple Computer has settled a lawsuit with another person who it accused of leaking a beta version of Mac OS X iTigeri.

CNET News reported Tuesday that Apple confirmed it has settled with Vivek Sambhara, one of three men it sued in December for posting developer copies of Tiger onto file-sharing sites.

Apple said that Mr. Sambhara had "accepted responsibility for his actions and Apple is pleased to put another part of this case behind us."

Settlement documents indicate that Mr. Sambhara was required to return to Apple any information he received from his past Apple Developer Connection membership and has been barred from possessing or communicating any proprietary Apple information in the future.

Last month Apple settled with Doug Steigerwald, a recent college graduate who admitted leaking a developer copy of Tiger onto a file-sharing site.

Apple still has a case pending against a third man.