Apple Shareholder Meeting to be Held April 21st

Apple Computer will be holding its annual shareholder meeting on April 21st, according to notices that went out to shareholders Thursday. The meeting will be open to shareholders of record as of March 1st, 2005, and will be held on Appleis campus.

Up for vote this year are several routine issues such as approving the companyis performance plan, amending the companyis employee stock option plan, ratifying KPMG LLP as Appleis auditors, and approving the board members themselves. The board recommends that all shareholders approve these measures.

Also on the list of actions is a proposal to consider a shareholder proposal if properly presented at the meeting. This would allow shareholders, especially activist shareholders, to present their own proposals to other shareholders, without going through the board of directors. Appleis board is recommending to shareholders that they not approve this measure.

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