Apple Ships 5 Millionth iMac!

Apple has issued a very interesting press release announcing that the company has now shipped the 5 millionth iMac since the computers went into production in 1998. The announcement comes just one day after Apple held a press conference announcing their 2nd fiscal quarter results. There was no mention of this feat in that press conference. The press release, including the fluff quotes we normally remove:

Apple® today announced that it has shipped its five millionth iMac(TM) computer. The iMacis winning combination of performance, simplicity and affordability has made it one of the most popular computers in homes, schools and business. The iMacis award-winning design has set design trends around the world, inspiring products far outside the computer industry.

"Simply put, the iMac has redefined the consumer and education computer, ushering in several industry firsts including USB, FireWire, desktop movies, wireless networking, quiet fan-less operation and world-class design," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "I look forward to shipping our ten millionth iMac in a few years."

iMac offers a great all-in-one design that is fun and easy to use. Packed with innovation, iMac was the first desktop to give customers their choice of translucent colors and stunning patterns with which to personalize their home or workspace. iMac was one of the first computers to include USB and FireWire® ports for easy and fast connections to a wide range of peripherals, and built-in support for wireless networking. iMac was also the first consumer desktop to provide revolutionary fan-less operation, resulting in a significant reduction of ambient noise.

Delivering exciting solutions to customers in the home and classroom, the iMacis easy set up enables even novice users to get on the Internet within 10 minutes of first lifting it out of the box. Evolved to enhance todayis digital lifestyle, Appleis latest line of iMacs offer CD-RW drives and revolutionary applications such as iTunes, Appleis amazing "jukebox" software; and iMovie(TM) 2, the worldis most popular, easy-to-use consumer digital video editing software. With prices starting as low as $899 suggested retail, iMac continues to be an incredible value and Appleis most affordable computer.

Congratulations to Apple! May they ship another 25 million iMacs in the near future. :-)