Apple Ships Logic Express 7

Apple Computer said Thursday it has begun shipping its music creation and audio production product Logic Express 7, almost a month since its original announcement.

Logic Express 7 allows musicians to create, record, edit, and mix music. It can open songs from GarageBand, Appleis consumer music creation software, so users can do studio-style mixer, movie scoring, and edit and print performances using music notation.

Logic Express 7 ships with 26 expressive software instruments and 42 effect plug-ins. New software instruments include EFM1, an FM synthesizer that creates a wide range of digital sound, EXSP 24 mkII sample player, as well as all the instruments built into GarageBand. New plug-ins include Guitar Amp, a guitar amplifier simulator. Additionally, Logic Express 7 includes new Autofilter, EQ and reverb plug-ins.

Logic Express 7 comes with support for Apple Loops, the open-standard file format for real-time key and tempo matching of audio loops.

The product retails for $US299. Registered users of Logic Express 6 can upgrade to version 7 for $99.