Apple Ships US$499 iMacs For Two US Markets

MacCentral broke the news this morning that Apple had released US$499 iMacs to two markets, New York City and Washington DC. The units are 400 MHz models with 64 MB RAM, CD-ROM, and 10 GB hard drives, and according to MacCentral, Apple is offering the units to help out those areas hit by the September 11th terrorist attacks in those two cities.

We have heard from MacUpgrades, an Apple Specialist operating in the Washington DC area, which will be offering the models. "We expect to have shipments by Saturday," said Brad Gibson, marketing director for the retailer. "At $499, this configuration is a good value. Itis not for everyone, but it fills the needs of those looking for simple Internet and word processing."

MacUpgrades will only be offering the unit to local Washington DC area residents, and potential customers will be asked to prove they live in the immediate areas surrounding Washington DC. "We want to live up to the standards of this offer,i said Mr. Gibson. "It is intended as a gesture to affected communities and the public."

If you are interested in the new units, and qualify, you can contact MacUpgrades at 301.907.0300.