Apple Sows Confusion with Undocumented Mac mini Upgrades

Apple Computer is sowing some confusion with its Mac mini customers, some of whom are receiving units with higher than published specifications, namely units with 1.5GHz processors, 8x dual-layer SuperDrives and 64MB video RAM. First reported by ThinkSecret on Tuesday, September 27th, Apple confirmed the strange story with CNet News Thursday.

"Some Mac Mini systems may contain components that slightly exceed the published specifications," Apple told CNET News. "There are no changes to the published specifications or part numbers."

Since there is no mention of new Mac mini models on Appleis website, and the product packaging has not been changed, thereis no way to tell if you are getting an upgraded model or not.

This is out of character for Apple, since the company has always indicated upgrades by changing product code numbers, not to mention the published specs for new models.

Seeing as how many Mac mini customers are new to the Mac platform, and most are not buying for raw processing power to begin with, itis likely that few will notice the bumped specs. Itis even more doubtful that those who do notice will complain.