Apple Still Attracts Lines with Colorado Apple Store Opening

The Mac Observer was able to attend the grand opening of the third Apple Store in Colorado at Flatiron Crossing on May 6. Despite Appleis track record of opening several stores a year, the events still tend to draw large crowds. Some estimates place the line at the Flatiron Crossing event at about 500 by the time the doors officially opened.

The Broomfield, Colorado store boasts Appleis new design style, including natural wood counter tops instead of white, a brushed metal entrance instead of black, and sales registers at the back of the store instead of the front. Most employees carry handheld scanners so that you can make credit card purchases without waiting in line.

Shoppers lined up early for the Flatiron Crossing opening.

Shoppers started lining up at 5:15 in the morning for a chance to be first in at 10:00 a.m. By 9:45 a.m., the line held well over 350 people, and wound through the mall, outside, and out to the parking lot.

The line stretched through the mall and outside.

Although the Flatiron Crossing store is smaller than the other Colorado venues, it still has space for presentations and The Studio training at the Genius Bar.

Shoppers waiting outside enjoyed the Colorado sun.

Apple representative Jerry Roberts pointed out that the storeis smaller size wonit be a problem for customers. "Aspen Grove and Cherry Creek are larger stores, but the new layout makes it as easy to display products here," he said.

Within minutes of the opening, iPods were heading out the door.

Customers didnit seem to mind the new layout. Within minutes of opening the doors, iPods, software, and MacBook Pros were already being purchased. Despite the standing-room-only number of people in the store, lines were short. Mr. Roberts pointed out that the handheld scanners and credit card processors that employees carry save customers time since they donit have to wait in line to buy most items.

Some parents couldnit keep up with their kids Mac skills.

Apple is looking forward to another successful grand opening in Colorado later this year, too. The company plans on opening a store at Boulderis 29th Street mall as early as October.

[A special thanks to Andrew McIntosh for providing some of the store opening pictures.]