Apple Stock Tops $140

Appleis stock managed to hit another all-time high on Thursday morning by topping US$140 in pre-market trading. The companyis steady climb in the stock market has lifted its price about 268 percent compared to its $52.36 price a year ago.

The resurgence of the Macintosh, the market dominance of iPod+iTunes, and the positive reception Appleis iPhone received have all played some part in the companyis upward trend.

With the October release of Mac OS X 10.5 drawing closer, analysts are expecting that the new version of Appleis operating system will prove to be popular with consumers, and will help drive Mac sales even higher. Analysts are also predicting that the company will release updated iMac and iPod models in the next few months -- both of which are likely to boost Appleis bottom line even more.

Appleis brick and mortar stores are performing well, too, and are generally considered the most successful retail locations in the U.S. based on sales per square foot.

Even though Apple doesnit reveal all of its specific sales numbers, analysts will have a better idea of the companyis performance come July 25 when it reveals its June quarter financial results. Apple is generally expected to report earnings above Wall Street expectations for Mac and iPod sales.

Apple is currently trading in the pre-market at $140.71, up 2.59 (1.88%).

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