Apple Store Online To Carry Intego Products

Intego has announced that the Apple Store Online will begin carrying the full line of Intego Internet security products. Intego released one of the first personal Firewall product two years ago, NetBarrier. Since then they have added VirusBarrier, an anti-virus program, and ContentBarrier, a filtering tool for children. According to Intego:

Intego announced today that Appleis online store will begin selling all Integois Macintosh software products, including VirusBarrier, Integois acclaimed antivirus program; ContentBarrier, the thorough and efficient Internet filtering software; NetBarrier, first personal firewall for Mac; and Internet Security Barrier, the total Internet security suite.

Integois products will be available for sale at Appleis site in late April. The products are priced between $39.95 to $99.95 (for the Suite).

Provides protection against all known viruses on the Macintosh, and also protects against Word and Excel macro viruses. It offers thorough protection against viruses of all types, coming from infected files or applications, whether on floppy disks, CD-ROMs, removable media, or on files downloaded over the Internet or other types of networks.

Provides three powerful modules: Firewall, Antivandal, and Internet Filter to make NetBarrier the all-in-one solution for complete personal Internet security. Designed with maximum ease of set-up and use, NetBarrier is the "must have" in Internet security software.

Helps parents protect their children by monitoring Internet usage to avoid contact with dangerous web sites, chat rooms, email, newsgroups, and downloads. The program also contains key features to help businesses optimize their employeesi productivity by limiting their Internet access.

"We are delighted that Apple has decided to sell our software at the AppleStore," said Jean-Paul Florencio, VP Sales and Marketing, Intego. "Security issues are paramount, and this gives Mac users more access to high-quality security software to ensure that their computers and data are safe."

You can find more information on all of Integois products at the Intego Web site.