Apple Store Still Has Dual Processor PowerMac & Pismo PowerBook For US$1999

The Apple Store is still directly selling some of "last yearis" models, including a dual-processor PowerMac G4 450 and a 400 MHz Pismo PowerBook for US$1999 each. A single processor 400 MHz G4 starts at US$1299. Specifically:

Power Mac G4

  • Power Mac G4 400/64/20GB/Rage128/DVD-ROM/56K Modem Add $1,299.00
  • Power Mac G4 450DP/128/30GB/DVD-ROM/56K Modem Add $1,999.00

PowerBook G3

  • PowerBook 400MHz/64/10GB/DVD/8SD/E/56K Add $1,999.00

Macintosh Server G4 (AppleShare IP 6.3 Server)

  • Macintosh Server G4 450/128/30GB/DVD/ASHR Add $2,449.00

You can find these deals on a special page at The Apple Store. If that particular link expires, or does not work for you, look for a link on the right hand side of the main Apple Store Web page saying "Save."