Apple Sued For Processor-Related Patent Infringement

Reuters reported late yesterday afternoon that Apple had been sued for patent infringement by a company called BIAX. BIAX is based in Boulder, Colorado, and the lawsuit the company has brought against Apple involves processor-related issues. According to the Reuters report:

But BIAX attorney Jack Slobodin, reached at the Walnut Creek offices of Fish and Richardson PC told Reuters that BIAX is a small Colorado company owned by a father and son who live in Florida and Colorado, respectively.

According to Slobodin, the patents in question improve the efficiency and speed of parallel processing of a computeris central processing unit (CPU). Parallel processing allows the CPU to perform many simultaneous tasks, Slobodin said.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple makes and sells computers that are covered by the patents. BIAX seeks a court order against further alleged infringement and an award of unspecified damages.

The patents at issue are for a "Computer with instructions that use an address field to select among multiple condition code registers," and a "Parallel processor system for processing natural concurrences and method therefore."

You can read more about this development in the Reuters report.