Apple Tells .Mac Members That More Benefits Are "Coming Soon"

Apple has sent out an e-mail to .Mac account holders announcing the membership extension that we covered earlier today. In the e-mail, however, is also a note promising more benefits that will be "coming soon!" The text from the e-mail:

Dear .Mac member,

Since we launched .Mac in July, weive welcomed thousands of new members into the .Mac community, and we canit wait to add more. As an additional thank you to our former iTools members, we are announcing that when they convert to a paid .Mac membership before September 30, 2002, their first year of .Mac membership will automatically be extended to September 30, 2003.

As a full member, youive already qualified. Your membership will now extend to September 30, 2003, well past your original renewal date. And stay tuned for more membership benefits coming soon! Thank you for joining the .Mac community.

There are no further specifics offered in the e-mail. You can find out more information about .Mac at Appleis Web site.