Apple To Auction 212 Macs & iPods Today (Auction List Included)

Apple Computer is auctioning off some 212 Macs, CRT displays, and iPods though DoveBid. The auction is a one-day only online auction taking place today. The auction begins at 9:00 AM PDT, and you must have a DoveBid account in order to participate. The inventory is being described as "New and Reconditioned Apple Computers, Notebooks, and Peripherals." Most of the items to be auctioned appear to be models from 6 months to 24 months ago. Details from the auctionis Web page:

New and Reconditioned Apple Computers, Notebooks, and Peripherals
1 Day Online Auction
Friday, May 31st starting at 9am PT
Auction Type Location Starts PT Ends PT
Online* 5/31/02 9:00 AM PT 5/31/02 1:00 PM PT
Main Asset  
Type(s): Apple Computers, Notebooks, and Peripherals
Computers, Peripherals & Data Processing
* To participate, bidders must create a DoveBid account and agree to any event-specific terms and conditions. Since bids are accepted and processed by a computer server, your results may differ from traditional auctioneer-led sales. No additional registration, software, or bidder numbers are required.

We also grabbed the current list (as of this writing) of items to be auctioned:
Lot   Qty.   Description
1     2      PowerMac G4 CPU: F0223LL/A, G4 466/128/30/CD-RW/128 PRO/56K/GIGE
2     2      PowerMac G4 CPU: F0224LL/A, G4 533/128/40/CD-RW/NV11/56K/GIGE
3     5      PowerMac G4 CPU: F0226LL/A, G4 733/256/60/SuperDrive/56K/GIGE
4     6      PowerMac G4 CPU: F0255LL/A, G4 533/128/40/CD/128PRO
6     1      iMAC: F0205LL/A, IMAC Indigo/400/64/10/CD/128P/56K
7     8      iMAC: F0232LL/A, IMAC400/Indigo/64/10/CD/128P/56K/FW
8     11     iMAC: F0233LL/A, IMAC500/Indigo/64/20/CDRW/RULTRA/56K/FW
9     2      iMAC: F0235LL/A, IMAC500 64/20/CDRW/RULTRA/56K/FW/Flower Power
10    4      iMAC: F0236LL/A, IMACSE600 128/40/CDRW/RULTRA/56K-Graphite
11    3      iMAC: F0237LL/A, IMACSE600 128/40/CDRW/RULTRA/56K-Blue Dalmation
12    1      iMAC: F0238LL/A, IMACSE600 128/40/CDRW/RULTRA/56K-Flower Power
13    16     iMAC: F0249LL/A, IMAC 500 128/20/CDRW/ULTRA/56K/FW-Snow
14    8      iMAC: F0252LL/A, IMAC 600 256/40/CDRW/ULTRA/56K/FW-Snow
15    2      iMAC: F0254LL/A, IMAC SE 700 256/60/CDRW/ULTRA/56K-Snow
16    25     iBOOK: F0240LL/A, IBOOK 500/128/10/DVD/56K/Enet
17    19     iBOOK: F0243LL/A, IBOOK 500 128/10/COMBO/FW/E/56K
18    40     iBOOK: F8597LL/A, IBOOK 500/128/15G/CD/FW/E/56K/FW
19    15     iBOOK: F8598LL/A, IBOOK 600/128/15G/DVD/FW/E/56K
20    39     iPOD: F8513LL/A, iPod (5GB)

You can find information on the auction, as well as the current listing of items, at the Web site. Our members are discussing the auction in the TMO forums.