Apple To Broadcast Thursday's iTunes Announcement In 36 Apple Stores

Apple has announced that it will be broadcasting tomorrowis iTunes announcement event in San Francisco at 36 of its Apple Store retail locations. The event has been set up similarly to the original announcement for the iTunes Music Store, iTunes 4, and the 10 GB/15 GB/30 GB iPods on April 28th. That event was designed for the press, and was effectively a smaller, more intimate version of a Macworld keynote. The company has put up an invitation to the general public at its Web site to come and see tomorrowis presentation at the retail store locations. That invitation reads:

This yearis biggest music story is about to get even bigger. The best keeps getting better. Come to one of these Apple stores Thursday, Oct. 16, at 10 a.m. PT to see a live satellite broadcast of this exciting event.

You can find the invitation at Appleis Web site. That page also includes the list of 36 stores where you can watch it.