Apple To Hold Music Related Special Event April 28th

Apple will be holding a "media event" at the end of April, with the phrase "music to your ears" included as a lure. According to C|Net, the event will be held on April 28th, but exact details on the nature of the event are few and far between.

Three obvious candidates would be an announcement regarding the music service that Apple is reportedly working on, new iPods, or perhaps something involving the story that Apple is interested in buying Universal Music. All three are musically related, but C|Netis piece quotes long time Apple watching analyst Charles Wolf of Needham as saying he expects the event to be about new iPods. From C|Net:

An invitation to the event promises announcements that "will be music to your ears." The event could serve as a launching point for a new digital music service that Apple has been working on for some time. The company also may launch new iPods, replacing the current generation of the digital music player which has grown increasingly scarce on store shelves.

There has been much talk of Apple and music of late, including speculation that the company has been in talks with Vivendi Universal to buy Vivendiis music business . Last week, Apple issued a statement saying that it has not made an offer for any record companies, although the company did not address whether it has been in talks with any of the major record labels.

Needham analyst Charles Wolf said the event is likely to bring both new iPods and the music service.

"Appleis worst-kept secret has been its downloaded music service," said Wolf, who owns Apple shares and rates the companyis stock a "hold."

Thereis more information in the full article at C|Net.