Apple Tops List of Fastest Growing Brands

Apple Computer is the fastest growing brand in the world with five other high tech names in the top 10, a new worldwide survey shows.

The survey by Vivaldi Partners and Forbes magazine showed Apple has increased its brand value by 38% in the last four years, largely on the popularity of its iPod digital media device. Vivaldi Partners estimated Appleis overall brand value for 2005 at US$5.3 billion.

Handheld email and phone device Blackberry and internet search engine Google tied in second place with 36% growth, followed by and?Yahoo! in fourth and fifth place respectively with 35% and 33%. Online auction site was sixth at 31%.

Movie production house Pixar came in ninth with a 23% increase in brand value since 2001 and a value of $2.9 billion. Pixar is lead by Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs.

Sports giant Nike came in 16th place while Japanese car maker?Toyota, with the highest?brand value of $25.8 billion, came in?at 17th place. Television sports network ESPN came in 19th with a brand value increase of 14%.

The report describes the?growth brands as having "outperformed their peers in their respective markets during the past four years and are likely to continue to do so into the future". The results were part of an online survey of 4,500 consumers questioned in 33 countries.