Apple Tops PC Mag Satisfaction Survey

PC Magazine released the results to its 19th Annual Reader Satisfaction Survey, and once again Apple is at the top of the list. The survey asked readers to share their experiences with the computers they use at work and at home, and to discuss any repair or support incidents they had within the past 12 months.

The reports says in part "Look no further than Apple, the leader of the pack, whose overall score holds steady at 9.1. Last year, Appleis score on units needing repair was an impressive 11 percent - well below that of any other company in the survey. But according to readers, the company has managed to cut repair rates even further over the past 12 months. This year, Appleis score on units needing repair drops to 8 percent. Among first-year systems, itis only 5 percent. Thatis nothing less than astonishing."

Dell, the worldis largest PC manufacturer, was merely average. Product quality control was one of the biggest complaints about this company. "Some of Dellis individual ratings are quite poor. The biggest problem involves quality control. True, Dellis score for units needing repair has improved from 23 percent to 18, but this is still significantly worse than average."

Sony also ranked near the top with Apple, while HP/Compaq and Lenovo/IBM were near the bottom of the list.