Apple U.K. Looks to Resellers to Extend Reach

Appleis U.K. arm plans to ask for the help of Apple Premium Resellers to extend the companyis reach in areas where it doesnit plan to open stores, according to Macworld UK. Such resellers will get marketing assistance and training from Apple in exchange for their help. Only resellers located in certain areas will be eligible for Premium status, however.

"We are trying to drag some of the guys into more high profile locations. Out of the industrial estates, out of the third floor of buildings, out of the middle of nowhere," Apple mark Rogers said.

Jonathan Cole of Computer Warehouse responded: "We could not replicate the ease of purchase and facilities that we have at CW on the High Street. At a time where Dixons are retreating from the High Street it is difficult to see how low margin retailing can work with soaring rents."