Apple Updates AirPort Extreme To Fix RAM-Related Problem

Apple has released an update to AirPort Extreme (version 3.4.2) that fixes the pesky memory-related problem first reported by MacFixIt.. That problem manifested itself mostly in Macs with more than 1 GB of RAM; the symptom was that oneis AirPort connection would mysteriously and suddenly stop working. Discussions on Appleis support boards are similar to this thread in the PowerBook board. The description from Apple:

This software update provides improved AirPort Extreme wireless networking software and is recommended for all customers with an AirPort Extreme enabled computer.

New AirPort Extreme Features

  • Enhanced networking reliability during certain memory intensive operations.

As of this writing, Apple hasnit posted a Knowledge Base article or standalone download file for the update. You can download it through the Software Update control panel. The download weighs in at 752k.