Apple Updates Cinema Display Specs

Appleis Web site has been updated to show new and improved specifications for the 30-inch Cinema Display. The specs now show Appleis largest display to be brighter at 400 cd/m2, up from 270 cd/m2, and it has a higher contrast at 700:1, up from 400:1.

Ars Technica notes that this update comes shortly after a CNET article that compares Appleis 30-inch Cinema Display to Dellis 3007WFP. ALthough Appleis display was ranked as the better of the two, the Dell was brighter and had a higher contrast ratio. Now the Cinema Display specs match Dellis.

The product specifications for the 20-inch and 23-inch Cinema Displays remain unchanged.The 30-inch Cinema Display is still priced at US$2,499.