Apple Updates Home Page With Pepsi/iTMS Promotion

Super Bowl Sunday is four days away, and as has happened in the past, one of the most anticipated events this year has something to do with Apple. With just as much anticipation as many sports fans have for the impending game, iTunes music fans equally excited about the new Pepsi/iTMS promotion that kicks off during the show, and thatis because the sugar water maker is going to be giving away 100 million songs from the iTMS.

Steve Jobs announced this campaign during his Macworld San Francisco keynote, and to insure that no one forgets about those 100 million songs being given away (to 1 in 3 Pepsi buyers, for those keeping score at home), Apple has updated its home page with a hard to miss promotion.

The message is clear, or carmel colored.

Stop by Apple to get the full details of the Pepsi/iTMS promotion.