Apple Updates Hot Deals Web Site

Apple on Friday updated its Hot Deals site with new offers from the Apple Store, ClubMac, MacMall, Publishing Perfection, and Ramjet. The Apple Storeis special deals include refurbished 20GB iPod (w/click wheel) w/free Apple iPod Dock for US$169.00!; refurbished 20GB iPod w/color display plus free Apple iPod Dock for $199.00; refurbished 15" MacBook Pro 2.0GHz w/SuperDrive, and built-in iSight camera for $1999.00; and more.

ClubMacis specials include the NuLOOQ Navigator from Logitech for $139.99; DayLite 3 from Marketcircle for $126.99!; Sid Meieris Civilization IV from Aspyr for $48.99; and more. MacMall has deals on a number of USB Flash Drives for your portable storage needs from $101.99 to $389.99 for 2GB to 8GB; ScanMaker i800 scanner from Microtek for $499.99 after $50.00 mail-in rebate; Sony VPL-ES3 HDTV compatible LCD multimedia digital projector for $825.99; and more.

Publishing Perfectionis specials include Aridi40 TruType Font Download for $42.00; ClanBadgeis Celtic Knot 3D for 20.00; Photographic Tools & Lens Effects from Andromeda for $239.95; and more. Finally, Ramjet has deals on 2GB DDR Kit (2X 1GB DIMM modules) for the original PowerMac G5 for $194.00; 2GB DDR2 RAM Kit (2X 1GB DIMM modules) for the Dual Core PowerMac G5 for $189.00; 1GB DDR2 DIMM module for the iMac Intel Core-duo for $124.00; and more.