Apple Updates Hot Deals With Printers, Cameras, RAM, Software, LCD Displays, Speakers, iPods, Hardwa

Apple has updated the Hot Deals with updates for CompUSA, MacConnection, ProMAX, & MacWarehouse at the Macintosh Product Guide. The Mac Product Guide is a list of Mac compatible hardware and software products one the market. The Hot Deals section of the Product guide feature several Mac retailers and special offers that one can only get, at least in theory, at the Hot Deals page.

The CompUSA Hot Deals page has 8 digital cameras, multifunction printers, inkjet printers, several software titles, USB accessories, several LCD Displays, some games, and more. You can find the CompUSA Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site.

MacConnection has a bundle from Epson that includes a digital camera, a scanner, a printer, a SmartMedia card, and a bag. The retailer also has a couple of audio products, a software bundle, and an iBook bundle. You can find the MacConnection Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site.

ProMAX has four products in the digital video editing realm, including a keyboard designed for Final Cut Pro, a FCP training CD, a shuttle, and an analog to digital converter. You can find the ProMAX Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site.

MacWarehouse has a long list of products on its Hot Deals page. The company is offering RAM, a USB pen drive, a router, several drives, some iPod accessories, several software titles, printers, and a couple of digital cameras. You can find the MacWarehouse Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site.